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Toys for Rabbit:
the best shop

Find all his favorite accessories:
rabbit bed, house, playpen, harness and many others

Toys for Rabbit:
the best shop

Find all his favorite accessories:
rabbit bed, house, playpen, harness…

Rabbit Bed

Discover all the rabbit beds. Hammock, bed, sofa and comfortable mat are waiting for your beloved rabbit.

Our Favorite Collections

Rabbit Bed

Toy for Rabbit

Rabbit House

Toys For Rabbits

Discover on the Rabbit shop Rabbit World some essential rabbit toys for your small pet. Rabbit tunnel, rabbit chew toys and rabbit foraging mat will keep your pet entertained.

Rabbit Harness

Discover the largest choice of rabbit harnesses adapted to his size. Dwarf rabbit harness easy to put on for long walks.


Mats For Rabbits

Rabbit mats are ideal for your pet. They are real playmats on which your rabbit will love to run, jump and let off steam.
In addition to being fun, they are comfortable and preserve the health of your beloved rabbit’s paws.

Indoor Rabbit House

Whatever your desires or needs, our different ranges of rabbit habitat, rabbit hut and house, have been chosen to satisfy the natural needs of your of your pet.

You will also find hideouts and even a rabbit castle.


Rabbit Accessory

Rabbit litter box, rabbit hay bag, rabbit brush and many other bunny supplies.
You can even find the ideal rabbit bowl
and rabbit water bottle.

Rabbit House

You will find on the rabbit shop « Rabbit world », different styles of rabbit houses and rabbit huts. Rabbit teepee, rabbit castle and rabbit straw house will make your dwarf rabbit or holland lop happy.

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About Rabbit World

RABBIT WORLD is a rabbit shop specializing in toys for rabbits. Our team has selected especially for you, the best rabbit accessories. You will have the possibility to buy the best products at the best price and quality: RABBIT HARNESS, RABBIT HOUSE, RABBIT BED, TOYS FOR RABBIT, RABBIT PLAYPEN… More than an online rabbit shop, a community. Our passion goes far beyond a store. We are a team of passionate people who want to provide you with the best toys for your rabbit. Our blog on bunnies will make you discover all there is to know about rabbits.

RABBIT WORLD is a pet online store with a large choice of accessorues for holland lop rabbit, minilop, dwarf rabbit, nederland dwarf rabbit… Everything that rabbits have always dreamed of. You will find all that your pet needs to be entertained and for his comfort. All our items are at your fingertips, accessible from your smartphone and delivered directly to your home.


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