Rabbit hay feeder

The rabbit hay feeder is an essential accessory to keep your bunny healthy and reduce waste. Hay is critical for digestive health and wearing down teeth. The right hay rack makes it easy for your rabbit to access hay while keeping their space clean.

Choose from a variety of feeders designed to hold timothy, oat, or other grass hays your rabbit enjoys. Look for large capacity feeders that help minimize waste.

Pair the hay feeder with an elevated water bottle to create a clean feeding station. With the proper accessories, you can ensure your bunny always has access to fresh hay. Browse our collection of rabbit hay feeders to create an ideal habitat!

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The rabbit hay feeder, the ideal accessory to distribute hay

The rabbit hay feeder is the essential accessory for presenting hay to your little friend. Practical, it prevents hay from being scattered and ensures the cleanliness of its enclosure. This accessory for rabbits also protects your pet’s food from all kinds of contamination. Indeed, it is essential to keep your pet’s hay dry to avoid all kinds of diseases. In addition, the rabbit hay feeder respects the natural behavior of the rabbit by giving it the opportunity to search for its food and select the best strands.

Installing a rabbit hay rack in your pet’s enclosure will give him great pleasure. He will spend hours sorting out the twigs and nibbling! Moreover, the rabbit hay rack avoids wasting hay. It will provide your pet with everything it needs to feed itself and file its teeth. Indeed, the rabbit needs to chew to ensure good dental hygiene. So, consider equipping your fur ball’s enclosure with a rabbit hay rack so that it has easy access to its food.

Which rabbit hay rack to choose?

The wooden rabbit hay feeder is a safe device for your little friend. Wood is a natural and safe material for your little friend. It can take various forms and can store hay to feed your pet daily. Moreover, the wooden hay rack is resistant and fits perfectly in any type of enclosure.

Indeed, the ideal rack for your furry friend must correspond to its size, its eating habits and the format of the hay used. In addition, the rack of your choice must be easy to access for your little friend. If you have several rabbits, it is advisable to choose one rack per animal to avoid fights.

Easy to clean, the plastic rabbit hay feeder is also a practical solution for feeding your small rabbit. It can be placed next to the litter box to allow your pet to feed itself while relieving itself.

Where to place the rabbit hay feeder?

For the comfort of your little friend and to ensure a healthy diet on a daily basis, there are hay racks to be placed or hung. This type of rabbit feeder ensures an ideal distribution of hay at any time. You can attach it to the bars of its enclosure or install it near its litter box. Indeed, rabbits love to manage hay while being on their litter box. Place your hay fedder for rabbits near the place where he usually does his business to allow him to be perfectly at ease.