Rabbit Carrier Backpack

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  • Rabbit carrier
  • Practical and comfortable

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An easy-to-carry rabbit backpack

The rabbit carrier backpack is a very useful accessory to have when you have a rabbit at home. This rabbit accessory is perfect for taking your furry friend on a trip or simply to the vet.

Rabbit Carrier Backpack

Comfortable and secure, this rabbit pet carrier has a transparent dome at the front, allowing your beloved bunny to have an overview of their surroundings.

In addition, this rabbit carrier comes with a detachable bottom mat that can be easily washed.

bunny carrier backpack

On the sides of this rabbit travel carrier, there are mesh openings that provide maximum ventilation for your pet, along with three air entries at the front and holes at the front dome. This greatly contributes to their well-being during the journey, as they won’t feel trapped

The must-have rabbit accessory

This rabbit carrier backpack is not only useful for your bunny! It also has side pockets that can be used for personal items such as your phone or keys.

Additionally, this rabbit carrying bag is foldable and very easy to store. Just remove the bottom mat and fold along the creases of the rabbit carrier bag.

rabbit carrier

Moreover, this rabbit pet carrier has a small strap inside that can be used to attach your pet’s harness. That way, once you arrive at your destination, you can open one of the sides of the bunny carrier backpack and let your pet discover their surroundings without fear of them escaping.



  • Color: Beige
  • Size: L33cm x W29cm x H42cm / L13in x W11in x H16.5in
  • Backpack with a dome window

backpack for rabbits