Rabbit water bottle

Looking for a safe device to feed your pet rabbit? The rabbit water bottle is the perfect solution. This rabbit accessory allows you to provide your pet with clean and healthy water all the time. Indeed, the rabbit needs to be well hydrated to stay healthy. In order to ensure its well-being, it is essential to equip its enclosure with a rabbit water dispenser that meets its needs.

The rabbit bottle ensures good hygiene. With this bunny accessory, your pet will be able to drink whenever it wants. This type of rabbit drinker has a large capacity, while keeping the water clean. Practical, it can be attached to the door or bars of its enclosure and is not likely to fall over.

Pair your water bottle with a convenient rabbit carrier for safe travel and adventures with your bunny. With the right accessories, you can keep your rabbit healthy and hydrated at home or on the go!

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Feeding-bottle for rabbit : how to choose ?

Placing a rabbit water bottle in your rabbit’s enclosure contributes to its well-being and comfort. It is a hygienic rabbit accessory that allows you to provide your rabbit with clean water at all times. Indeed, if the rabbit does not have free access to a sufficient quantity of water, it may suffer from dehydration. Dirty water can also cause digestive and urinary problems in rabbits. Therefore, to cover its water needs, it is important to choose a rabbit waterer that is adapted to its needs. 

The main characteristics to take into account when choosing a water bottle for rabbits are hygiene, practicality and capacity. The rabbit bottle must be adapted to the morphology of your pet rabbit and correspond to its needs. A rabbit drinks on average between 50 and 150 ml of water per Kg and per day. A rabbit bottle with an average capacity will allow your little friend to drink in peace. In addition, it is important to choose a bunny water bottle with practical attachments that adapt to the habitat of your little friend to ensure a perfect fit.

Types of rabbit water bottles

The rabbit water bottle is a bottle-shaped container with a stainless steel stem or pipette through which water is poured. This accessory is designed for the well-being of your fur ball and allows him to easily access his water without spilling it. This is a rabbit accessory that keeps your pet’s water clean. It is also a good idea to keep his enclosure clean. There are different types of rabbit bottles to allow your little friend to drink as much as he wants.

The anti-drip rabbit bottle is a water dispenser with a metal ball that prevents liquid from spilling into your little friend’s habitat. It can be attached to the outside or inside of the bars of its enclosure to ensure good stability. With this installation, your furry friend will not risk damaging its rabbit water bowl. This type of bunny accessory can also be equipped with a float to better control the amount of water.

Strong and easy to clean, the glass rabbit water bottle is a drinker that perfectly meets the hygiene standards. Indeed, glass is a resistant and easy to maintain material. It prevents any residue coming from the outside from altering the quality of the water. In addition, it is scratch-resistant and does not pose a health risk to your pet.

The advantages of a rabbit bottle

The rabbit bottle is the essential accessory to have when you are a rabbit owner. In this container, the water is perfectly preserved from any type of residue coming from the outside. It allows your fur ball to benefit from pure and healthy water on a daily basis. 

This accessory will also keep your little rabbit’s enclosure clean. He will no longer risk spilling his water in his habitat thanks to this device. Moreover, the fixings of this one ensure an excellent maintenance of the rabbit watter dispenser. For more convenience, choose a rabbit bottle with a top-filling system. You won’t have to disassemble the whole device to add water. Simply fill it from the mouthpiece at the top of the rabbit bottle.