Toy for rabbit snuffle ball

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Toys for rabbit snuffle ball
Toy for rabbit snuffle ball $ 32,90

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Toy for rabbit: a snuffle ball as a digging toy

The toy for rabbit snuffle ball is a highly stimulating and entertaining toy for your pet. This rabbit toy is based on the rabbit foraging mat, but in a ball version. The round shape is very popular with our rabbit friends.

Toys for rabbit snuffle ball

This rabbit ball is not just a simple toy to play with ☺ Indeed, the digging toy for rabbits toy allows you to hide inside it your favourite treats such as tiny pieces of apple or dried cranberries.
This activity will greatly entertain and stimulate your pet, who will not hesitate to turn the ball upside down to retrieve his treats.

So this toy for bunny is perfect for keeping your cute little fur ball fit and developing its intelligence.

How to play with your rabbit?

Playing with your little pet with this rabbit toy snuffle ball is very simple!
As the name suggests, this toy for rabbit is based on the same principle as a pet search mat.

So, to play with your bun, all you have to do is hide your long-eared friend’s favourite treats between the strips of fabric. He can then sniff and search for them.

rabbit snuffle ball

So, if you want to stimulate your cute little fur ball’s mind and intelligence, there’s nothing like this rabbit digging toy to keep him in shape, on all levels.

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  • Colour : Orange / White / Yellow / Green
  • Size : 15 cm (5.91 in)


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