Rabbit litter tray

The rabbit litter tray is an essential accessory to keep your bunny’s habitat clean and help train your pet. Choose from corner litter boxes, covered trays, and grates designed specifically for rabbits. Consider your companion’s size and bathroom habits when selecting the ideal litter box for rabbits.

These handy bunny litter trays allow waste and mess to be contained, helping prevent odors and accidents around the cage. The high edges keep litter contained while the rabbit is inside. Look for sturdy trays made from easy-to-clean plastic, metal or ceramic.

Pair the litter tray with an absorbent, low-dust litter made from paper, wood or grass. Place it in a corner your bunny already frequents for the best results. Keep your rabbit healthy and happy with the properly equipped habitat. Be sure to also shop convenient hay feeders while you’re at it!

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What type of rabbit litter tray to use?

In rabbits, a good transit means a healthy rabbit. Indeed, it can make up to 300 droppings per day depending on its diet. So, to keep your pet rabbit healthy and ensure a healthy life, choose a rabbit litter box. Practical and hygienic, this accessory corresponds to the natural habits of your fur ball. You can choose a rectangular litter box or a corner toilet for rabbits, depending on your pet’s needs.

The rabbit litter tray of your choice must fit your pet’s body type. Your pet should be able to access it easily and move around freely. You should also choose a plastic rabbit litter box with a certain height. The edges help prevent litter from being scattered everywhere. For more convenience, choose a rabbit litter box with a removable grate. It’s more hygienic and easier to clean.

How to design a rabbit litter box?

Bunnies love to dig and scratch in their litter box. Therefore, he needs a strong and well-sized box to ensure his comfort. It’s also important to make sure your rabbit’s litter box is well laid out so that it’s easy to use. Shavings are very popular with buns. They absorb moisture and don’t leave a smell. Buns also love hemp litter. This material is softer and more comfortable. In addition, you can opt for wood pellets. They are effective in absorbing odors and are safe for your pet rabbit.

To encourage your furry friend to use his rabbit litter tray, you should place it in the area where he usually relieves himself. Since rabbits are clean-living animals, they will naturally relieve themselves in their litter box. If he relieves himself outside his litter box, it will be necessary to put his poop back in the box. You must then gently place your little rabbit in its litter box to teach it how to use it.

Maintenance of the rabbit litter box

The rabbit litter box must be cleaned daily to ensure your pet’s hygiene. This includes removing the poop and changing the litter once a week. When you remove the litter, you can take the opportunity to clean the box with white vinegar and hot water. Poor hygiene can lead to disease and parasites. In addition, poor hygiene can lead to bad odors. So, it’s important to keep your rabbit’s litter box clean.