Rabbit cooling mat

Essential to help your rabbit, the rabbit cooling mat provides a cool zone that will ensure its comfort and safety. Discover our collection of rabbit mats on which your pet bunny will be able to bask and fully enjoy the beautiful days. Rabbit floor mats to protect your rabbit from the heat, but which will also allow him to relax comfortably.

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Rabbit cooling mat: a refreshing solution for the summer

Have you noticed that your rabbit is having a hard time with the hot weather? In our rabbit cooling mat collection, you will find mats for dwarf rabbits, which are essential to keep your pet cool while offering a space perfectly adapted to its size. The cooling mat for rabbits allows you to cool your pet in hot weather and avoid thermal accidents. 

For rabbits, having a cooling source is a necessity. It is very tiring for them to fight against the heat. The same is true when your rabbit is playing in its pen. It can be difficult for him to find a cool place. The rabbit cooling snuggle mat is a way to ensure his comfort and avoid heat stroke.

The rabbit cooling pad gives off a cool feeling and absorbs your rabbit’s body heat when he lies on it. It helps to cool your rabbit during the heat wave by instantly producing the desired cooling effect.

Which cooling mat for rabbits to choose ?

To choose the good rabbit mat for your pet rabbit, it is important to distinguish between the different types of rabbit cooling mats.

Designed to keep your rabbit nice and cool, the Ice rabbit mat provides a natural cooling effect that your rabbit will appreciate on hot days. This type of rabbit mat provides the coolness your pet needs with the added ice packs inside the mat. Each element that makes up this rabbit cooling mat is safe for your rabbit’s health. The rest of the year, you can use it as a rabbit floor mat to allow your rabbit to thrive freely.

For added comfort and convenience, choose a pressure cooling mat. This type of rabbit mat works without any additional cooling system. The cooling effect is activated automatically when your rabbit comes into contact with the mat. A pleasantly cool feeling in a particularly hot place!

Generally, this type of cooling pad for rabbits contains non-toxic gel capsules that are activated by touch. On the outside, it is covered with a resistant and non-toxic material for your little rabbit. As for its cooling properties, it can keep your rabbit cool for 3 to 4 hours.

The advantages of using a rabbit cooling mat

In hot weather, your rabbit may have difficulty removing heat from its body. In fact, when his body temperature rises, he has more difficulty cooling down and can easily suffer from dehydration. Therefore, it is essential to provide your rabbit with a rabbit cooling mat to ensure its well-being.

One of the advantages of a rabbit mat is that it is perfectly adapted to the size of your pet. It provides a cool surface to relieve your rabbit from the heat. On his mat, he can relax comfortably and thrive in a cool environment. Now that you know how to keep rabbits cool in summer, all you have to do is choose the rabbit cooling mat with the patterns and designs you like.