Rabbit mat

Looking for rugs to ensure the comfort and well-being of your rabbit? Find on “Rabbit World ” a collection of rabbit mats on which your rabbit can play, sleep and live at ease. Rabbit flooring are perfect for maintaining an environment conducive to the development of your pet rabbit. Give your rabbit a place to call home with a soft and comfortable mat for rabbits from our selection.

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Classic rabbit mats

In the wild, rabbits live on a variety of surfaces such as grass, moss or earth. At home, they need an environment that is adapted to their health and well-being. The rabbit mat is the ideal solution to provide a healthy and comfortable surface for your pet rabbit. This will ensure his happiness and allow him to rest peacefully at home.

For sleeping, resting and more generally for playing, installing a waterproof flooring for rabbits will bring more comfort to your pet rabbit. It is ideal to cover the floor of his pen and protect his paws from the cold. A large rabbit mat is very useful for your pet to run and jump safely. You can also choose a grass mat for rabbit to provide a surface that is close to natural floors, such as a straw mat. If your rabbit likes to venture out and bounce around, get him a non-slip rabbit mat to keep him safe.

Looking for a rabbit floor mat? Choose from our range of rabbit rugs to suit your rabbit’s size and make sure it has everything it needs to live comfortably in its own space. Our rabbit mats are made of durable, healthy and soft material.

Rabbit cooling mat for summer

Perfect for making your pet’s life more pleasant, the rabbit cooling mat is an essential accessory during the summer season. It allows your rabbit to relax and enjoy the warm weather, while providing the freshness it needs.

This type of rabbit mat is best suited to keep your pet comfortable on hot days. It provides your bunny with a cool surface that gradually relieves him from the heat. Designed to naturally regulate your pet rabbit’s body temperature, the rabbit cooling pad will keep your companion cool all summer long.

For more comfort and convenience, it is equipped with a non-slip bottom. Your rabbit will be able to bask safely and continue to have fun whenever he wants. This rabbit floor mat also has the advantage of being easy to clean thanks to its smooth and resistant coating.

Play and fun with the rabbit forage mats

Buns love to play, run and jump. Therefore, it is imperative to provide your pet rabbit with a mat where it can play safely. Buying a rabbit forage mat is ideal for stimulating his intelligence. Find without delay in our selection of rabbit search mats to entertain your companion. Hours of fun and exploration guaranteed.