Rabbit Accessory

Our wide selection of rabbit accessories has everything you need to enrich your bunny’s life. Choose from a variety of bowls, bottles and feeders to make mealtime easy. Keep grooming simple with brushes, combs and nail clippers specially designed for rabbits.

Shop convenient carrying cases, tents and pens for safe travel and outdoor fun. Find handy hay racks and litter trays to help keep your rabbit’s habitat clean. We also offer fun toys and chews for exercise and mental stimulation.

Whatever supplies your bunny needs, we’ve got the perfect accessories! Shop our collection to give your rabbit an enriched living environment.

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At Rabbit world, we offer you a wide range of accessories and supplies of all kinds with the objective of the well-being of our rabbits. All their desires will be largely filled thanks to all the things of this very special collection.

In short, absolutely all the must-have supplies for your pet rabbit. If you are passionate about bunnies, their big ears, their styles and everything that goes with them, then you are served! Indulge yourself by pleasing him.


The biggest fans of our large community of people who are passionate about Holland lop, dwarf rabbit, mini lop… enjoy these top accessories!Our wide selection of bunny supplies will make him the most stylish creature in the house. 😎

Adopt a rabbit scratching post for example, so that he can do his claws. Opt for a rabbit carrier to take him on an extraordinary tour of your best spots!


Many of our accessories have been designed to satisfy the desires of our rabbit fan community. And a large part of them is intended to be used for a very specific purpose. We think in particular of the collars and the grooming brushes that you can find at rabbit-world.com