Cactus Rabbit Scratching Post

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  • Ideal for rabbits’ claws
  • Rabbit accessory
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Cactus Rabbit Scratching Post $ 44,90

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Rabbit scratching post : a mat in the shape of a cactus

The Cactus rabbit scratching post is an adorable rabbit accessory that is very useful when you have an indoor rabbit. This rabbit supply allows your pet to let off steam and scratch a designated surface. Instinctively, rabbits love to scratch, as it reminds them of digging in the earth and creating a burrow.

rabbit scratching post

Moreover, it is important to regularly trim your rabbit’s nails to prevent them from becoming too long and causing health or behavioral problems. Therefore, this bunny accessory allows your furry friend to sharpen its claws as many times as it wants, preventing it from scratching your furniture or carpets 🙂

How can I use my rabbit’s claws?

The Cactus rabbit scratching post is an adorable design accessory that will surely attract your beloved bunny. It will love to scratch on its little green cactus, which can be either hung or placed on the ground.

In addition, this rabbit scratch mat is made of 100% natural sisal rope, which is a plant-based material. It is biodegradable and compostable, meaning that this bunny scratching post does not pose any risk to your pet.

Cactus rabbit scratching post

Lastly, even if you provide your rabbit with this scratching post, do not forget to regularly trim its nails. This means every month or every six weeks depending on the growth of your bunny’s nails. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian or a professional groomer.


  • Material: Sisal
  • Size: 40cm x 30cm / 15.75in x 11.81in
  • Design: Cactus