Toy for rabbit with food dispenser

$ 39,90

  • Rabbit Ball
  • Playful and fun
Rabbit toy ball
Toy for rabbit with food dispenser $ 39,90

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Toy for rabbit with food dispenser: perfect for enrichment

This toy for rabbit with food dispenser is perfect for developing and stimulating your pet’s intelligence. Indeed, it allows to work his neurons if he wants to have access to his favorite treats! Treats that you will have previously hidden inside this rabbit toy for dwarf rabbit.

He will have to move his rabbit ball in all directions to get the treats. This is a very fun and stimulating rabbit activity. It keeps your darling rabbit busy and not bored. This helps to maintain the mental well-being of your beloved companion.

Toy for rabbit with food dispenser

The best interactive rabbit toys

This educational rabbit toy is made of eco-friendly ABS resin. It is a rigid, light and non-toxic material. To spend pleasant moments of complicity with your little ball of hair, you can play with him with this bunny toy.

To do this, you must pour your rabbit’s favorite treats through the small hole on the first level of the ball, colored in blue. He will then have to spin his bunny game back and forth to allow the treats to pass through the 4 levels that make up the toy.

Once he succeeds, the treats will come out of the small hole that is the last level, in this case the white one.

So, this treat dispenser toy allows your rabbit to have fun while having fun.

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  • Color : Multicolored