Wooden rabbit house

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  • Bunny home
  • Natural wood

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Wooden rabbit house: a perfect hideaway

The wooden rabbit house is the perfect element to create both a play area and a sleeping corner for your pet. This indoor rabbit house is the ideal hiding place for your bun to be safe and quiet. He can curl up inside and sleep peacefully, whatever the season.

Wooden rabbit house

In addition, the rigid wooden structure of this rabbit castle will allow your little ball of fur to rest on top. Thus, he will love to take a little height to better monitor his territory. He will even be able to sleep above it, if the urge takes him ☺

This rabbit hideaway is also great fun. Your furry friend will be able to play there for hours: getting in, getting out, hopping on top… Everything is there for him to have a great time.

A sustainable hut

The rabbit home is made from natural pine. A rigid, durable and above all environmentally friendly wood. It is the perfect size to house a rabbit indoors and support its weight on the roof ☺The wooden rabbit house is ideal in your bunny’s pen, but can also be installed in the house.

rabbit house made of wood

You can place a mat or a fleece bed underneath to maximise your long-eared friend’s comfort. This bunny home is ideal for your rabbit’s general well-being. It allows your rabbit to do all its favourite things: sleep, play and guard its territory.

More details:

  • Materials : Wood
  • Size: 40 x 23 x 20 cm (15.75 x 9.06 x 7.87 in)

Wooden rabbit house